My country’s instrumentation industry market tends to be saturated

My country’s instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, and China’s instrumentation industry has gradually occupied most of the domestic market and entered a period of prosperity. An analyst from Shangpu Consulting’s electronics industry pointed out: In recent years, my country’s instrumentation industry has developed rapidly. With the development, market competition has intensified, and it has entered a relatively saturated stage.
China’s high-end instrumentation market is heavily dependent on imports: on the one hand, the domestic market is becoming saturated; on the other hand, because the overall technical level of the industry is not strong compared with foreign developed countries, the domestic instrumentation industry lacks scientific and technological content and lacks innovation capabilities. The reliability and stability of the automation system is far from that of foreign products, which has caused many imported high-end measuring instruments to rely on imports for 100%.
According to statistics, the value of advanced instruments and equipment imported from abroad is nearly 600 billion yuan every year, of which the total amount of high-end scientific instruments and medical equipment is about 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of about 30%. This has further triggered the overall overcapacity of the instrumentation industry and huge profits. micro.
In the context of relatively saturated markets and fierce competition, instrumentation companies should take measures to improve their industry competitiveness. First, enterprises should step up their adjustments to production methods, formulate strict production standards, improve the current chaotic pattern, and create a good market environment; second, enterprises should take the road of innovation, learn advanced foreign technologies, strengthen technical support, and shorten the cost as soon as possible. The gap between foreign high-end products is competing for the domestic high-end market; third, attention should be paid to talents, high-end technical talents should be introduced, and the leading role of high-end talents should be used to improve the technology research and development level of the whole industry.