Our company participated in the 2017 10th China (Chengdu) Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

From March 9th to 11th, 2017, our company participated in the “2017 China (Chengdu) Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition” held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Sichuan Province. The exhibition was organized by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Association, China Petroleum Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company, China Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering Research Association, Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Bureau, etc. The company’s exhibited products (electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, digital pressure transmitters, wireless digital temperature transmitters, intelligent flow controllers, wireless digital pressure gauges, etc.) have won the attention and praise of customers and achieved success success!
With this professional platform, our company focuses on broadening its horizons, learning advanced, and exploring new areas of cooperation, and has extensive exchanges and negotiations with supporting enterprise customers and professional audiences who come to visit, thereby enhancing the visibility and influence of our company’s brand At the same time, we will further understand the product characteristics of advanced petroleum and petrochemical companies in order to better improve our product structure and give full play to our advantages.

Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot. We will adopt a more mature and professional attitude to let more people know our “Anjinda” brand and understand us Anhui Jinda Instrument Co., Ltd.!


“Love An Jin Da, Thanksgiving Mother’s Day”

Maternal love is a star that makes wandering life find its way. Mother, nurturing us with the love of her life, laid the foundation of life. No matter where you were born, home or foreign. Everyone will think of the happy time holding the mother’s clothes. In that happy day when he did not want to grow up, it was the mother who gave us life and the most selfless love. On May 13, 2017, Mother’s Day is approaching. In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of respecting the old and loving the young, Anhui Jinda Instrument Co., Ltd. launched a Mother’s Day activity with the theme of “Strong love for peace, thanksgiving to Mother’s Day”.


At 4:30 in the afternoon, all the employees gathered in the lobby of the office building with bright red cloth on the table. Everyone excitedly picked up a pen and wrote down their thoughts, blessings and gratitude to their mother.


“Mom, I love you!” “Mom, you have worked hard!” The words are superimposed on layers; the colorful and elegant carnations in everyone’s hands are all blessing “Mom, Happy Holidays”.


Every child thrives under the pure and selfless maternal love. Mothers have worked hard to bring us up, caring, teaching, and guiding us to interpret the meaning of life step by step. As children, we should remember the kindness of our parents and repay them for their nurturing. This event allowed each of us to reminisce about the hardships our mothers put in for their own growth, understand the expectations of our mothers, know how to be grateful, and know how to care for others and society.

Mass line education special life meeting

On the morning of August 22, our company’s party branch held a special organization life meeting for the party’s mass line education and practice activities. All party members of the company attended the meeting. In accordance with the general requirements of “looking in the mirror, dressing up, washing and bathing, and treating diseases,” all party members carefully investigated and laid out outstanding problems in the “four winds” and actively carried out criticism and self-criticism.
At the meeting, the party branch secretary briefed the preparations for the special organization life meeting, put forward specific requirements for criticism and self-criticism, took the lead in self-criticism, took the lead in investigating problems, and conducted in-depth analysis. Other party members also made serious criticism and self-criticism in the face of problems and contradictions in light of their current positions and actual work conditions. In criticism and self-criticism, everyone adheres to the party spirit, principles, open heart, treat each other frankly, do not obscure, and be unambiguous. In mutual criticism, they dare to face the problem squarely, expose the shortcomings, and point out the crux of the problem and raise the issue. The reasonable suggestions for solving the problem have truly achieved the effect of cheering and cheering. After the criticism and self-criticism were over, the party branch secretary made a statement on the special organization life meeting, and the district mayor Zhang Yi put forward requirements for the next step of party branch construction and improvement of work style. After the meeting, a democratic evaluation of party members was conducted.


There are three major development trends for intelligent instrumentation in the future

In recent years, the development of intelligent measurement and control instruments has been particularly rapid. A variety of intelligent measurement and control instruments have appeared in the domestic market. For example, intelligent throttling flow meters that can automatically perform differential pressure compensation, intelligent multi-stage temperature controllers that can perform program temperature control, can achieve digital pid and various Intelligent regulators with complex control laws, and intelligent chromatographs capable of analyzing and processing various spectra.

There are three major development trends for smart instrumentation in the future.

One is miniaturization. Miniature intelligent instrument refers to the integrated application of microelectronic technology, micromechanical technology, and information technology in the production of the instrument, so that the instrument becomes a small and fully functional intelligent instrument. It can complete signal acquisition, linearization processing, digital signal processing, control signal output, amplification, interface with other instruments, interaction with people and other functions. With the continuous development of microelectronic machinery technology, micro-smart instruments continue to mature and their prices continue to decrease, so their application areas will continue to expand. It not only has the functions of traditional instruments, but also plays a unique role in automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology, and medical fields. For example, it is currently necessary to measure several different parameters of a patient at the same time, and to control certain parameters. Usually, several tubes are inserted into the patient’s body, which increases the chance of infection of the patient. The miniature intelligent instrument can measure multiple parameters at the same time. , And small size, can be implanted in the human body, so that these problems can be solved.

The second is that multi-functionality is a feature of intelligent instrumentation, and therefore it is also a major trend in the future development of the intelligent instrumentation industry.

The third is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a brand-new field of computer applications. The further development of intelligent instruments will include a certain amount of artificial intelligence, which replaces part of human brain work. The application of artificial intelligence in modern instruments and meters enables us not only to solve a type of problem that is difficult to solve with traditional methods, but also to solve problems that cannot be solved with traditional methods.

According to the “2013-2017 China Networked Intelligent Instruments Market Analysis and Investment Strategy Research Report” released by Shangpu Consulting, smart instruments will be more widely used with the development of related technologies such as application-specific integrated circuits and personal instruments. . As the core component of smart instruments, single-chip computer technology is the driving force for the development of smart instruments in the direction of miniaturization, multi-function, and more flexibility. It can be expected that intelligent instruments with various functions will be widely used in various fields of society in the near future.

My country’s instrumentation industry market tends to be saturated

My country’s instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, and China’s instrumentation industry has gradually occupied most of the domestic market and entered a period of prosperity. An analyst from Shangpu Consulting’s electronics industry pointed out: In recent years, my country’s instrumentation industry has developed rapidly. With the development, market competition has intensified, and it has entered a relatively saturated stage.
China’s high-end instrumentation market is heavily dependent on imports: on the one hand, the domestic market is becoming saturated; on the other hand, because the overall technical level of the industry is not strong compared with foreign developed countries, the domestic instrumentation industry lacks scientific and technological content and lacks innovation capabilities. The reliability and stability of the automation system is far from that of foreign products, which has caused many imported high-end measuring instruments to rely on imports for 100%.
According to statistics, the value of advanced instruments and equipment imported from abroad is nearly 600 billion yuan every year, of which the total amount of high-end scientific instruments and medical equipment is about 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of about 30%. This has further triggered the overall overcapacity of the instrumentation industry and huge profits. micro.
In the context of relatively saturated markets and fierce competition, instrumentation companies should take measures to improve their industry competitiveness. First, enterprises should step up their adjustments to production methods, formulate strict production standards, improve the current chaotic pattern, and create a good market environment; second, enterprises should take the road of innovation, learn advanced foreign technologies, strengthen technical support, and shorten the cost as soon as possible. The gap between foreign high-end products is competing for the domestic high-end market; third, attention should be paid to talents, high-end technical talents should be introduced, and the leading role of high-end talents should be used to improve the technology research and development level of the whole industry.